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CoPA Student Resources For Fall 2021

For the latest information regarding health and safety for the fall 2021 semester, please visit The New School’s Covid-19 Community Guide.

During the period of time when face masks are required, instrument specific PPE will be available for pick up on the 5th floor of Arnhold Hall in Room 517 beginning August 30 from 10am-4pm ET Monday-Friday. Instrument specific PPE includes: instrumental masks, vocal masks and instrument bell covers. 

Masks and bell covers must be worn at all times when practicing, rehearsing or performing. 

If you have any questions, please email Ryan Anselmi at [email protected]

Individuals may remove their masks to eat in designated common areas, including the dining hall, outdoor spaces, and the designated eating areas listed below. Masks should be worn before and after you finish eating. 

66 W. 12th Street: Building A

    First Floor: 102 Student Lounge

65 W. 11th Street: Building B

    100 Café/ Student Lounge

    300 Waiting Area

    C402A Student Lounge

6 E. 16th Street: Building D Student entrance

    C700 Lobby

    800 Lounge

    801 Café

    C909 Lounge

    Seating area in corridor C907 across from 907

    C1009 Lounge

    C1109 Lounge

    C1201 Gallery/ Lounge

    1212 Café

79 Fifth Ave: Building D Admin entrance

    1633 Collaborative Work

    1639 Pantry

    1704 open lounge area

    1730 open lounge area

25 E. 13th Street: Building E

    200 only seating area near help desk

72 Fifth Avenue: Building H

    200 Waiting Area

    300 Waiting Area

    400 Lobby/ Reception

    500 Lobby/ Reception

    600 Lobby/ Reception

    700 Lobby/ Reception

 55 W. 13th Street: Building I

    201 Tishman Gallery

    C400A Lounge

    C400B Lounge

    C507A Lounge

39 W. 13th Street: Building J

    303 Student Lounge

113 University Place: Building K

    610 Open Collaborative Workspace

2 W. 13th Street: Building L

    C100A Critique Area

    406 Collaborative Workspace

    C700 Lobby

    C800 Lobby

    C900 Lobby

    C1000 Lobby

    C1100 Lobby

    1202A Kitchen

63 Fifth Avenue UC: Building U

    206 Cafeteria/ Schwartz Commons

    308E Pantry

    309 Bloom Student Lounge

    505 Schwartz Concourse Student Lounge

    700 Faculty Staff Lounge

151 Bank Street: Building Z

    105 Performance Classroom

The CoPA Bulletin is our virtual community bulletin board. It is emailed weekly during the academic year. Check it out to learn about news, opportunities, events and more.

Tip: It may be hiding in your Google Inbox Promotions Tab. Drag it into your Primary Inbox a couple of times and it will start coming into that.

If you have any content to share with the community, you can do it by submitting it here.

Any registered student of the College of Performing Arts can request the use of a locker at 55 W 13th St (Arnhold Hall) or 151 Bank St (Bank Street).

If you are a new student, transfer student, or a returning student who did not have a locker assignment prior to the pandemic, please fill out the Locker Request Form to request the use of a locker in Arnhold Hall or Bank Street. Assignments will begin to be sent out the week of August 16 and throughout Orientation Week. Our goal is to have everyone assigned prior to the first day of classes on August 30, but by the end of the second week of classes at the latest.

Prior to filling out the form, be sure to read the usage policies and procedures at the top of the form. By submitting the form, you agree to adhere to the locker usage policies and procedures.

Please note: If you already had a locker assignment prior to the COVID-19 lockdown (i.e. the 2019/2020 school year), that assignment has carried over into the 2021/2022 school year. Therefore, you do not need to do anything.

For any returning student with an already-existing locker assignment in Arnhold Hall: if you have forgotten your assigned locker number or combination over the past 17 months, please kindly search your New School inbox for emails from [email protected] and you should be able to find the original email with your assignment. Students will hear from [email protected] and [email protected] as requests are processed.

The Gig Office is the College of Performing Arts’ hire-a-musician service. The office receives requests for musicians to play at functions on and off-campus. In the past, venues have included festivals, clubs, award ceremonies, cultural institutions, public parks, fundraisers, private parties, and civic and political events. Our mission is to help students acquire paid performance experience as they move closer to their professional lives as working musicians. Gig Office Inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

If you wish to reserve a space for DIY recordings, please email [email protected]. DIY recordings will take place in 350, 450, 750, and the Glassbox Theater. There will be no DIY recordings in Stiefel Hall.

Log in to NarwhalNation for current group descriptions and to RSVP. Please email [email protected] for any questions. 

Weekly on Mondays

Asian Student Support and Meet Up
A group to process the past and ongoing challenges of being Asian in NYC.
Mondays 3-4pm (starting 9/20/20)
Facilitated by Ruchi Amin, LCSW 

DBT Skills Group
A skills-based group to learn mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance skills. Drop ins are welcome but a full semester attendance will bring the best results. 
Mondays 6:15-7:15pm (starting 9/20/20)
Facilitated by Vanessa McGann PhD 

Weekly on Wednesdays

Eating Support Group  
Exploring our relationship to our bodies and food. A time limited group that helps people attune to their own issues with food and body and identify coping skills. 
Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm (starting 9/22/21)
Facilitated by Ruchi Amin, LCSW 

Weekly on Thursdays

Social Anxiety Group 
Feeling anxious in social and performative situations? This is common, but sometimes can be very distressing. This group will focus on how to manage and cope with feeling anxious in interpersonal situations. We will work to better understand these experiences, develop strategies to better manage these experiences. 
Thursdays 3-4pm (starting 9/23/21)
Facilitated by Eran Barzalai, PhD Intern

Weekly on Fridays

New 2 NYC, New 2 New School
Are you feeling like NYC is exciting but a little overwhelming? Is it hard to balance school, making new friends, and staying healthy? Come be others who feel the same, make some connections, and just hang out. 
Fridays 1-2pm (starting 9/24/21)
Facilitated by Eran Barzalai, PhD Intern

The College of Performing Arts Production Operations & Facilities Handbook includes operational procedures for studio and performance spaces as well as protocols and procedures for using the studio resources.