CoPA Remote

CoPA: Technology Orientation

Please note: The CoPA Technology Orientation is a Canvas course which all students have been enrolled in to support their remote learning during the Fall 2020 semester. The information in that course is mirrored here for the convenience of Faculty and Staff.

Getting Started

Topics Covered in Module 1:

  • Internet speed – understanding & checking your bandwidth
  • Explanation of main components from the CoPA Remote Student Technology page.
  • Setup and use of microphones
  • Audio and Video setup and recording basicsĀ 
  • System diagrams and troubleshooting

Topics Covered in Module 2:

  • Setting up a meeting
  • Audio and Video Settings
  • In-meeting operations
  • Advanced Audio and Video
  • Zoom troubleshooting

Topics Covered in Module 3:

  • Recording live audio input
  • Audio Manipulation & editing operations
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Importing and Exporting audio files
  • Best Practices