CoPA Remote

DIY Programs for Mannes Classroom / Department Events

Department concert, Classroom concert, and Masterclass programs have transitioned to DIY. 

Please work with your students to produce programs as needed.

Please note that the [email protected] email address has been discontinued.

This semester, events will be promoted to our community via Instagram and the CoPA bulletin. 

Print Programs

  • Create the program based on this Google Doc  template. Please make a copy of the template for your program.
  • Refer to the Mannes style guide.
  • Print programs and and bring them to the venue. 

Digital Programs

  1. Create a digital program pdf (using this Google Doc template)
  2. Upload the pdf to google drive, make sure it is viewable for everyone on the web.
  3. Go to: or download the QR code from Google Chrome
  4. Download QR code as a high res PNG file
  5. Test the QR code
  6. Use this template and insert QR Code
  7. Print 4 copies and tape them to venue doors. 
  8. Remove them after the concert.

Announce from the Stage

  • Alternatively, the program can be announced from the stage.