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Space Requests & Policy

Below you will find space usage guidelines as we begin our gradual, multiphase return to in-person activity for the 20/21 academic year as well as the practice space request process.

Reservations for the second request window (Oct. 12 – Dec. 18) are open until October 2nd. If you have any questions please submit them via the Help Desk or email [email protected].

Please carefully review The New School’s Covid-19 Health and Safety page, and the guidelines below to understand the parameters of safe space usage for our community. These guidelines apply to all students in the College of Performing Arts community who are accessing New School facilities through the College of Performing Arts’s reservation system.

The most important principle in the development of CoPA’s return to campus plan has been the safety of all members of the community, followed by ensuring access to campus facilities and equipment for the broadest possible segment of our community.

This information will be updated periodically in accordance with changes to federal, state, local, and university policies. This may mean the tightening or relaxing of space usage policies as conditions evolve.firs

  • During the first phase of reopening, only individual activities such as study, practice, making, or attending an online class are permitted.
  • Face coverings that cover both the nose and the mouth must be worn at all times on campus, (neck gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable face coverings). Activities that require the mask to be removed or pulled down around the chin are not permitted.
  • In-person instruction or collaborative work is not permitted during the first phase of reopening.


Building Access
  • Access to Arnhold Hall for College of Performing Arts space reservations will begin on Monday, September 14.
  • The following buildings will be open and available for reservations by CoPA students: Arnhold Hall and University Center. Bank Street will remain closed for the duration of the fall 2020 semester.
  • Currently enrolled students are eligible to make full-day space reservations.
  • Access to University spaces is contingent upon a negative Covid-19 test before the date of your first reservation. You must pre-register for the test here. Please review the Procedures for Reserving Campus Resources.
  • Upon arrival for a confirmed room reservation, students will check-in with security staff and show proof of their Covid-19 daily screening. Information on the daily screening process can be found in the COVID-19 FAQs.
  • Students will need a valid New School ID card to gain entry to the building.
  • Only students with a CONFIRMED room reservation will be given access to the building. No guests are permitted.
  • With the exception of the use of restrooms, students may not access spaces or buildings other than those that they are assigned during their CoPA reservation.
Health and Safety Measures: Individual responsibilities
  • Masks must be worn at all times on campus. The mask must cover both the nose and the mouth.
  • Activities that require the mask to be removed or pulled down around the chin are not permitted.
  • All community members are required to maintain six feet of social distance between others while on campus.
  • Sanitizing supplies will be provided for surface cleaning of any shared items and/or instruments.
  • Students and faculty must use these supplies to sanitize all surfaces that they touch or anticipate that they will touch at the start and end of their reservation block.
  • All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned by The New School’s Facilities team each night.
  • Students and faculty arriving from outside of New York State must adhere to the most up to date New York State quarantine guidelines, which are available at COVID -19 Travel Advisory | Department of Health
  • The University will provide face coverings for anyone (students, employees) who needs a face covering. You can use your TNS ID card to receive up to two free masks a day from a vending machine located at the following locations:
    • University Center Lobby (63 5th Ave)
    • Kerrey Hall Lobby (65 5th Ave)
    • Sheila C. Johnson Lobby (2 West 13th St)
    • Parsons East, Second Floor (25 East 13th St)
    • Arnhold Hall Lobby (55 West 13th St)
Health and Safety: University measures
  • University facilities staff will conduct a thorough cleaning of all CoPA spaces each evening.

For additional information regarding university health and safety measures, visit

CoPA students enrolled for the Fall 2020 semester can request room reservations at Arnhold Hall and specialized spaces at the University Center.

  • CoPA students enrolled in the Fall 2020 semester may request a recurring space reservation at Arnhold Hall and specialized spaces at the University Center for the time period of October 12, 2020 – December 18, 2020.
  • During this time period, room reservations will be for solo practice or rehearsal and consist of blocks available Monday through Friday.
 We anticipate practice hours will be between 9am – 5pm. 
  • Bookings will be confirmed via email.
  • There will be additional opportunities to request recurring room reservations for the remainder of the semester.
  • Access to University spaces is contingent on students receiving a negative COVID-19 test result from The New School’s testing partner prior to their reservation date. 
  • Please note that self-service reservations through “CoPA Rooms” are not available at this time.
  • Requests submitted after October 2nd can be emailed to [email protected] and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Requests will be processed within three business days.